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*Bi Pittsburgh And Beyond*
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~*The major problems i encountered on other communities were random new people just came and went, there was no real "community" and preteens and highschoolers were just looking for a chance to ease into outing themselves.. and I was looking for a community that went further than that. I've been out long enough that i am in a different stage than that- i wanted to hear about other challenges that people faced... I wanted to read stories about not just the hardships of being bisexual, but the good things too. The celebrations and the joys that people can find when they open themselves up out of "the norm"*~

~*But as i viewed the bisexual community, I realized that i wasnt just curious about bisexuality or other people's views... I also wanted to hear about polyamory, so i joined a poly community. It still wasn't what I was looking for. Then i realized that I was interested in being a part of a group of people, comprised of all sexual roles and agendas, not just bisexual, not just lesbians.... but any sexual being that has something to say...*~

~*Feel free to post your rants or concerns about anything pertaining to sexuality. I am keeping it a closed community and hoping that everyone a part of it will be accepting, tolerant, and nurturing of all subjects, of all ideas and expressions. You don't have to agree, and I encourage debate- as long as people leave without hurting feelings- have at it, But behave.. I am not going to separate anyone.. in fact- I will grease you both up, put you in a ring and then charge $5 to see you have it out. (and then post the results)*~

~*LIke I said, I am keeping this community closed, so that it may grow and the members may have a chance to bond, and eventually trust enough to be uninhibited. But if you know anyone that would benefit from this community, feel free to let me know....*~

~*And please- just post topics on the subject of sex and sexuality- whether it be personal, or societal...its a huge subject- you can post gripes and excitement about movies elsewhere... (unless its topical. and i dont mean porn)-- DIscuss whatever you wish,it can indeed be about the feelings you have about coming out... but it might be something more specific like being too inhibited to tell your partner about your secret fetish, or apprehensions about a new significant other. Or it can be a sounding off board, or a place to vent. Poetry and stream of consciousness writing is welcome within reason. But no pornerotic poetry or fanfic... there's a billion other places for that... And obviously no advertisement of other communities or spam or anything tacky like that.*~

~*All i ask is for everyone to be open minded and respectful, post often and honestly, and upon request to join, submit a post about yourself including a bio (no pressure), why you are here what you hope to give to the group and what you would like to take away. (OH! and please submit at least 10 sexual interests that i will add to the "username interest search directory" I didnt know what to put there and i thought it would be entertaining and interesting*~

~*I look forward to learning and growing and sharing with you all*~