Carter (cusm) wrote in bi_and_beyond,

I am deeply amused

Boy wants to hang out, cause we haven't seen eachother in awhile, so I invite him over for dinner, movies, and whatever later. Another friend calls to see if we were having our irregular anime night, and we work out that this can add to the evening so make it so. Anime night is him, his girl, and a girlfriend of hers she likes to get drunk and make passes at. Its usually a pretty amusing evening ;) So as it turns out, my friend doesn't show, neither does the girl's girl, but my girlfriend does suprisingly, as she previously had plans tonight. Boy feels cock-blocked, and heads home after the movie, as does friend's girl and Girlfriend (as she has to get home to her boy tonight as his girl is out), leaving me alone for the evening, which I actually don't mind so much as I need to get up really early tomorrow anyways. But Girlfriend, when realiazing that she spoiled my fun, was apologetic about it. I feel bed cause I know Boy was disappointed, but I don't feel like I've missed anything for having gotten to see Girlfriend for a bit anyways, so its all good. And that is how it works when you've got the love.
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