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Intros 'n 'at

Howdy all. I like to think I'm pretty uncomplicated. I'm male and identify as such, and mostly prefer the company of women. But my outlook on life is a hedonistic one, and this has led me to both bi and poly as natural expressions of my desire to not miss any of the good stuff :)

On poly, I'm in a dedicated relationship with someone, but we both know we like some on the side now and then so keep a simple rule on being careful and not taking time away from eachother, and otherwise play as you will, with each holding a veto clause if needed though it rarely is. I like this, it works well. The less complicated the rules set, the better, I think.

On bi, there's a comment I overheard at a party recently that irked me that I wanted to comment on. "There's no such thing as a bi man, they're really just gay." If I wasn't busy making out with someone at the time, I'd have jumped on that. Cause I like men, gay sex is plenty fun, but in most cases I prefer women. So, I can't see how there's any accuracy to this comment. But it does illustrate a stereotype I've noticed. That it seems to be more socially acceptable for women to be bi than men. That there's this tendency to label men as gay if they cross that line at all. Is this just the latent homophobia in American male culture showing itself again? Its hard for me to tell, I don't really talk much about sex except with people who wouldn't be the least shocked by what I do, but I remember the culture of my youth and attitudes I saw then even if I rarely expose myself to them now.

On likes/disliks, I've noted an odd disinterest in most kink. Odd, cause I pride myself on my flexibility, yet find games of pain and domination uninteresting. A little bit can be spicy, but I don't care for when it is the focus. Its just not what I'm after, I suppose. I prefer loosing myself in the moment and my partner, getting all sensual and just enjoying every little bit of it. And I definitely dig group play as a major turn on. Its just so hard to make it work the more people are involved.
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