Wisenheimer. (earthly_gnome) wrote in bi_and_beyond,

I have never really considered myself to be overly masculine. I mean, I am masculine, but I have always held on to mannerisms and mindsets that I considered to be feminine. I never really though about it until now. I just figured it came from being raised around a sister and a mother with no real Male role model.

I just figured I picked up what they did along the way.

Now, I am thinking. Is that actually the case? Am I actually as feminine as I think? More so...? Less...?

And I have been thinking about why? Is it because of my upbringing, or is it tied into my sexuality?

My core attraction is to feminine women and masculine men. I stand by this. Lately though, there has been an intermingling of the attractions.

I like masculine men for the implied simplicity. There are little to no gender roles to get in the way. I also like the idea of being taken by someone more masculine then me. (Those that know me, feel free to laugh at the absurdity of THAT visual)

Feminine women... Just cause. There is still a part of me that really enjoys treating a Lady like a Lady.

Masculine women... It’s the power struggle. Sometimes giving, other times taking. And also there can be a similar level of gender role not being needed. Sex for sex's sake.

Feminine men...I am still working on this one. The attraction is there, but only for certain types. I know that I don’t like overly feminine men, but I think I may just be clinging to this one for old times sake.

This is all new ground for me to cover. Thanks you two, for totally screwing with my worldview. It's fun to look at things from a different perspective.
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