Wisenheimer. (earthly_gnome) wrote in bi_and_beyond,

Something I ran into last night...

I was talking to someone last night, and the subject of Poly came up. She asked me what the "rules" were between my wife and I.

I explained it to her we have a very basic set of guidelines we follow, and anything outside of that is dealt with on a case by case basis. Honest discourse and all that happy stuff.

Then a certain subject came up and apparently my answer was difficult for her to understand, and so I am bring it to you. My trusted council.

Is it unusual to have a date or lover that your primary has never met?

This is not a situation that is typical for me, but I have had lovers that my wife has not met face-to-face. Usually, my lovers/secondary's are friends of mine or ours, so chances are that my wife has met them or will meet them eventually. But there are people that she hasn’t.

I don't, as a rule, bring my dates home to meet the misses. Nor does she insist that I do. There have even been times where my wife has preferred to not meet the other person.

I don’t think this is unusual, but apparently, this is not the "norm" *insert eyeroll here*

What do you think?
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